Bond Material

The Bond material of grinding wheels can make abrasive tools grind workpiece efficiently by its function of stickness and holding. According to the different application, we can provide the different bond specially, including:

  • Resin Bond (code: B,RB)
  • Vitrified Bond (code: V, VB)
  • Metal Bond (code: M, MB)
  • ElectroPlated (code: EP)

Bond Material

Resin Bond (code: B,RB)

Including Phenolic resin、 Polyamide resin、and import resin. They have self-sharpness, heatless, high grinding efficiency, and can be used for grinding kinds of materials ( such as Tungsten Carbide、ceramic、steel etc).

Resin Bond Diamond Wheel: suitable for Tip Saw in wood、Tool room、stone etc;

Resin Bond CBN wheel: Suitable for steel industry, such as mould、knife machining etc;

Vitrified Bond (code: V, VB)

VB has well wear resistance, self-sharpness and suiting high precision grinding and high efficient grinding of common material and special material.

Vitrified Bond Diamond Wheel: Suitable for PCD&PCBN Tool、jewel etc

Vitrified Bonded CBN wheel: suitable for automobile、refrigeration、bearing etc;

Metal Bond (code: M, MB)


MB has strong combination, well wear resistance and long life with bearing larger burthen.

ElectroPlated (code: EP)

Diamond/CBN grain material is covered on substrate by electroplating to make various complex tools. such as amending tools, grinding plates etc, and having strong grinding ability and high precision. But the using life is short.

Bond Application