• Diamond Grinding Wheel Applications

    Diamond is the hardest abrasive material in the world. Its hardness, wear and thermal resistance made the diamond the most appropriate abrasive to machining such materials as:

    • Hard metal
    • Cermet
    • Hard metal/steel combinations
    • Glass
    • Quartz
    • Ceramic materials of all kinds
    • Ferrotitanite
    • Carbide-based powder coating
    • Graphite
    • Polycrystalline diamond and CBN blanks
    • Ceramic magnetic materials
    • Glass and carbon-fibre reinforced synthetic materials
    • Tungsten Carbide

  • CBN Grinding Wheel Applications

    CBN is the second material after diamond. CBN is produced similarly to the diamond by high pressure and high temperature aynthesis. Due to their chemical features and considerable lower wear, CBN tools are used for grinding such hard-to-process steels as:

    • Hardened high-speed steel (HSS)
    • High alloyed steels with at least 55 HRC
    • Case-hardened steels
    • Iron-based powder coatings
    • Chill castings
    • Soft steels in certain applications
    • Stellite


  • The mixed material of Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheel Applications

    This Grinding Wheel is mainly used to grind the compound of hard&fragile material (like TCT) and Ferrous material (like Chilled steel).