Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheel




  • Product Description
     Vitrified Diamond Grinding wheels have higher hardness, higher strength and higher abrasion resistance than carbide tools, which are used for grinding PCD and PCBN tools;
    We can design and produce the wheel exactly according to your application.

  • Application:
    Suitable for sharpening PCD/PCBN insert.

  •  Recommend Wheel
    • Wheel Profile


    • Diamond Grain Size

      Grit Size

      Machining Type


      D40/22 Rough

      Regeneration grinding a blade edge profiling and sharpening of much worn inserts

      D15 universal

      Standard grain size-there is a possibility of getting a high sharpening efficiency  and good quality machined surfaces by take advantage of additional spark-out passes.

      D9 finish

      Finishing grinding – getting a very good quality of machined surfaces.

      D6 superfinish

      Superfinish grinding – getting a brilliant quality of machined surfaces.

    •  We can also design and make nonstandard grinding wheels according to customer’s requirement;

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