Grinding Wheel

Resin Bond Diamond/CBN grinding wheels have the featured of good self-sharpening, sharp cutting, high efficiency, low roughness of workpiece surface, few heat generating and no burning, and widely used for the grinding, cutting, slotting of ferrous materials.

Vitrified bonded Diamond/CBN Grinding wheels are medium of metal bonding and resin bonding. It has own the feature of sharp cutting, high efficiency, long life, less heat and jam generated in grinding, easy control of precision and easy dressing.  It gives excellent performance in the processing of hard materials with high stock removal rate and wear resistance. 

Metal Bonded Diamond/CBN Grinding wheel is with high efficiency, good self-sharpening, high stock removal, strong hold and good anti-wearing ability.




Electroplated metal bond grinding wheels have characteristics of high grain density, sharp grinding, high efficiency, good precision, without dressing etc. The product can be made with various shapes and they are suitable for special complicated profile, super-thin, especially small and other form grinding which have strict requirement on geometry shape and dimension. Therefore it improves the process efficiency and a lot of tools which are difficult to process with other methods can be solved here.

Diamond Rotary Dresser is a new type of tool for the truing and dressing of grinding wheels. Compared with traditional single diamond dressing point, rotary dresser has much higher efficiency, long using life and can obtain more accurate and stable faces of grinding wheels.

Abrasives wheel is widely used for the grinding on centerless、 cylindrical、surface、internal、and tool cutting and grooving and free grinding.