Electroplated Saw Blades


Electroplated Saw Blades

  • Electroplated Diamond Saw Blades are more suitable for dring cutting and begging cutting program

Electroplated Diamond Saw Blades are ideal for cutting stone materials such as granite and marble, as well as ceramic tile and hard brick. The product features extreme sharpness and outstanding stability during operation. With no requirements to working environment, this tool provides easy operation.


  • Widely for cutting various hard materials , such as stones, compound plastics, graphite , circuit board, etc;

Recommend Wheel:

Wheel Shape \"\"
Diameter = 40-500mm;
Hole = on request ;
Thickness = 1~8mm;
Width = 3~20mm;
Grain Size = D/CBN711~76;
  • We can also design and make nonstandard grinding wheels according to customer’s requirement.

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